My first half marathon is in 10 hours ( Why am I awake?!) , and I just came across this great picture on Pinterest. Before I had G, working out was just something to do so that I could ease my ice-cream and Old Venice Pizza induced guilt. Now, it’s not only my “me” time, but it gives me a sense of accomplishment. 8 months ago I was 40 pounds heavier, and could run a max of 1/4 of a mile before having to take a walk-break. Signing up for that first Cooper-Young 4 Miler was ballsy for me, but it was the push I needed to get myself back on track.


Since I’m the only one that looks at this thing, I feel like I can post stuff like this ūüėČ


65 pounds down, 10 to go. And a POOCH to drop before Greece!

Ready, Set, Run!


Thinking aloud: Part 2

Sometime in July….

Morning of:

Wake up and go to breakfast with our parents and G

{Have someone come and clean the house while we’re gone}

Come home and meet the photographer/ videographer/ make-up artist to start getting ready

Girls upstairs
Boys downstairs


Let G nap and play while the dads and Ryan hang out and have a few cocktails ūüôā

Have our ceremony, officiated by Sarah Peck at _________ {AACK! Missing this part!}

Ryan prefers dusk, and inside….of course.

Go spend the night at The Madison, and let G go home with the Grandparents for the night ūüôā

Early September:

Go to Greece!!

Eat, Drink, SLEEP, be happy..


September 21, 2013

Wait for the video and photographs to be edited, and have a celebratory brunch for our family and friends at Acre in Memphis.

I stand on the side of love


I just love how eloquently Reverend  Sarah Taylor Peck put this:

I see so much hardening in this world- too many wars, too much violence, too many hateful words said and attacks made. I think we all thirst for more images of love and tenderness, more expressions of commitment and faithfulness, and more gestures of compassion and grace. Marriage is hard. Two willing hearts must make promises to be present, loyal, gentle, and kind to one another for as long as they both shall live. I think every person on earth should take these vows- and mean it. In my community, I know so many people who love each other- and who try every single day to live in to love as a verb, as a daily commitment, as a spiritual discipline. The people I see bearing witness to love are men, women, straight, gay, young, old, mothers, fathers… and Children of God- every single one…

I stand on the side of love, wherever it springs up. I fully support every brave soul who longs to make a promise to God and another person to cherish and adore their spouse in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, until they are parted by death. To me, the more we make these promises to one another, the more light we shine in the world. My prayer is that every person on earth has the chance to enter into this covenant. May it be so…

From the blog
Glimpses of Grace Day 28


Thinking aloud

I want to:

Have ahhhmazing engagement pictures taken by Lindsey Lissau with a champagne/chevron/balloons/hot pink /Mollie Fontaine House feel and the Memphis Zoo in a poufy skirt like this

That’s asking a lot, isn’t it?

Okay, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wanted an excuse to wear this, too:

Have G at the tail end of these pictures, maybe on the carousel and a cake and champagne (or sippy cups with juice) picnic

Elope on a random day to ¬†somewhere special, but close enough to be easy. My wedding dress and shoes like these with crazy gorgeous flowers. Just me, Ryan and G. Then we’ll all go home and nap, maybe get ice cream, and ¬†just enjoy the heck out of our day. ¬†

Note to self: have someone come and clean the house while we’re gone ūüôā


Have bad-ass bridal pictures taken by Lindsay lissau


Send out phenomenal announcements



Just be happy

 Essentially, this:



Things that made me happy today: painting our mat a cheerful color ( no one believes they’re actually wrought iron, anyway), floaties from my lovey, making a sidewalk mosaic with G, and FINALLY trying on my wedding dress.


And, THIS.



I learned the hard way not to search Google for “Best Bikini for Floppy Boobs”.

Seriously. DON’T DO IT.

In the past two years, my lovely lady lumps have gone from a 32B {on a good day} to a 40DD, and have flopped right back down to a 34A. Poor things weren’t meant to take that kind of abuse.

So, all that to say, they’re tiny, but floptastic. How’s that even possible?

I’m in the process of researching and having a consultation for a new-and-improved bustline, but Ryan keeps hopping on and off the baby train faster than a hobo on meth….So I’m stuck trying to find a honeymoon-worthy bikini that my IBT’s won’t jump out of at the first sign of activity.

Image 4 of ASOS Floral Embellished Longline Bikini Top

Honestly, I’m thinking a halter might be my best bet since there’s no cup for something to fall out of, but the floral Asos one looks promising. Not sure if it’s what I want for our honeymoon, but it looks like a pretty toddler-friendly bikini for the rest of summer. If it were solid black, it’d be in my house tomorrow!

Honeymoon Vibe vs: Real Life

I hate my hallway.

Okay, maybe that was a teensy harsh. I like the cheery color of the walls, and the fab light at the landing. However, it’s bare. I don’t do bare. I also don’t do dirty-white, which my house seems to be covered in.

Ick x 50.

So, this is what I have: 15 narrow, super steep stairs to a converted attic {now our master bedroom}, with a boring bannister, and kick marks on the back. I love the idea of a painted runner, but I am kind of attached to the burled-wood-look on the steps. Plus, it’s 105 years old, and I feel like I’ll kick myself later for painting over it.



A few ideas that I’m currently pondering:¬†

Since our master suite (bed, bath, and mancave/giant closet) is completely separate from the rest of our house, the feeling is very different. I like my bedroom to be a retreat  so I always go a different direction.  Downstairs is very colorful and kid-friendly, and our upstairs is moody and dramatic, so I think the stairs need to be a transitional area . (My BPDD is shining through again!)

1. Pattern is my go-to. Pattern is cheap. Texture, not so much. However, I like the idea that the wallpaper covering could be removable. 
2. I’m REALLY loving the mirrored tile! It’s fun and playful, but also sleek. ¬†However, it’s a pretty big commitment.
3. ¬†I have a slight obsession with Chevron, but I feel like it’s getting stale and saturated in interior design.

Maybe I need to decide on what I’d like to do with the landing, first?