Thank GOODNESS for some warm weather. I’m finally trying to finish up all of the projects that have taken 17 times longer than they should have since it kept raining. I learned the hard way ( maybe more than twice) that oil based paint + rain = bad combo…

Anyway, I painted the exterior doors to the new house a glossy black, and am in love. I like how different it is from every other house on the block, while remaining crisp and clean.

I had a really hard time deciding between chartreuse and black for the door because I have BPDD (bipolar decorating disorder), and like things on the total opposite end of the spectrum. Ultimately, I’ve decided to keep my crazy contained to the backyard and interior of the house so that the neighbors can continue to think we’re normal {You know, because they clearly can’t see the nightly dance party and scoot and zoom derby through the 17 windows on the front of our house}


Before- except it wasn’t really this pretty! The snow makes everything look so much better. In person, it was dingy and gross…

Fullscreen capture 4112013 121954 AM.bmp

My super -awesome “after” shots. I think I’ll have to retry this another day.


I’m also on a dip-dyeing kick…so pretty much everything is getting dipped right now 🙂


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