I hate my hallway.

Okay, maybe that was a teensy harsh. I like the cheery color of the walls, and the fab light at the landing. However, it’s bare. I don’t do bare. I also don’t do dirty-white, which my house seems to be covered in.

Ick x 50.

So, this is what I have: 15 narrow, super steep stairs to a converted attic {now our master bedroom}, with a boring bannister, and kick marks on the back. I love the idea of a painted runner, but I am kind of attached to the burled-wood-look on the steps. Plus, it’s 105 years old, and I feel like I’ll kick myself later for painting over it.



A few ideas that I’m currently pondering: 

Since our master suite (bed, bath, and mancave/giant closet) is completely separate from the rest of our house, the feeling is very different. I like my bedroom to be a retreat  so I always go a different direction.  Downstairs is very colorful and kid-friendly, and our upstairs is moody and dramatic, so I think the stairs need to be a transitional area . (My BPDD is shining through again!)

1. Pattern is my go-to. Pattern is cheap. Texture, not so much. However, I like the idea that the wallpaper covering could be removable. 
2. I’m REALLY loving the mirrored tile! It’s fun and playful, but also sleek.  However, it’s a pretty big commitment.
3.  I have a slight obsession with Chevron, but I feel like it’s getting stale and saturated in interior design.

Maybe I need to decide on what I’d like to do with the landing, first?


One thought on “I hate my hallway.

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