I learned the hard way not to search Google for “Best Bikini for Floppy Boobs”.

Seriously. DON’T DO IT.

In the past two years, my lovely lady lumps have gone from a 32B {on a good day} to a 40DD, and have flopped right back down to a 34A. Poor things weren’t meant to take that kind of abuse.

So, all that to say, they’re tiny, but floptastic. How’s that even possible?

I’m in the process of researching and having a consultation for a new-and-improved bustline, but Ryan keeps hopping on and off the baby train faster than a hobo on meth….So I’m stuck trying to find a honeymoon-worthy bikini that my IBT’s won’t jump out of at the first sign of activity.

Image 4 of ASOS Floral Embellished Longline Bikini Top

Honestly, I’m thinking a halter might be my best bet since there’s no cup for something to fall out of, but the floral Asos one looks promising. Not sure if it’s what I want for our honeymoon, but it looks like a pretty toddler-friendly bikini for the rest of summer. If it were solid black, it’d be in my house tomorrow!

Honeymoon Vibe vs: Real Life


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