Thinking aloud

I want to:

Have ahhhmazing engagement pictures taken by Lindsey Lissau with a champagne/chevron/balloons/hot pink /Mollie Fontaine House feel and the Memphis Zoo in a poufy skirt like this

That’s asking a lot, isn’t it?

Okay, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wanted an excuse to wear this, too:

Have G at the tail end of these pictures, maybe on the carousel and a cake and champagne (or sippy cups with juice) picnic

Elope on a random day to  somewhere special, but close enough to be easy. My wedding dress and shoes like these with crazy gorgeous flowers. Just me, Ryan and G. Then we’ll all go home and nap, maybe get ice cream, and  just enjoy the heck out of our day.  

Note to self: have someone come and clean the house while we’re gone 🙂


Have bad-ass bridal pictures taken by Lindsay lissau


Send out phenomenal announcements



Just be happy

 Essentially, this:


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