I stand on the side of love


I just love how eloquently Reverend  Sarah Taylor Peck put this:

I see so much hardening in this world- too many wars, too much violence, too many hateful words said and attacks made. I think we all thirst for more images of love and tenderness, more expressions of commitment and faithfulness, and more gestures of compassion and grace. Marriage is hard. Two willing hearts must make promises to be present, loyal, gentle, and kind to one another for as long as they both shall live. I think every person on earth should take these vows- and mean it. In my community, I know so many people who love each other- and who try every single day to live in to love as a verb, as a daily commitment, as a spiritual discipline. The people I see bearing witness to love are men, women, straight, gay, young, old, mothers, fathers… and Children of God- every single one…

I stand on the side of love, wherever it springs up. I fully support every brave soul who longs to make a promise to God and another person to cherish and adore their spouse in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, until they are parted by death. To me, the more we make these promises to one another, the more light we shine in the world. My prayer is that every person on earth has the chance to enter into this covenant. May it be so…

From the blog http://ordainingsarah.wordpress.com/
Glimpses of Grace Day 28



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