Thinking aloud: Part 2

Sometime in July….

Morning of:

Wake up and go to breakfast with our parents and G

{Have someone come and clean the house while we’re gone}

Come home and meet the photographer/ videographer/ make-up artist to start getting ready

Girls upstairs
Boys downstairs


Let G nap and play while the dads and Ryan hang out and have a few cocktails 🙂

Have our ceremony, officiated by Sarah Peck at _________ {AACK! Missing this part!}

Ryan prefers dusk, and inside….of course.

Go spend the night at The Madison, and let G go home with the Grandparents for the night 🙂

Early September:

Go to Greece!!

Eat, Drink, SLEEP, be happy..


September 21, 2013

Wait for the video and photographs to be edited, and have a celebratory brunch for our family and friends at Acre in Memphis.


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