My first half marathon is in 10 hours ( Why am I awake?!) , and I just came across this great picture on Pinterest. Before I had G, working out was just something to do so that I could ease my ice-cream and Old Venice Pizza induced guilt. Now, it’s not only my “me” time, but it gives me a sense of accomplishment. 8 months ago I was 40 pounds heavier, and could run a max of 1/4 of a mile before having to take a walk-break. Signing up for that first Cooper-Young 4 Miler was ballsy for me, but it was the push I needed to get myself back on track.


Since I’m the only one that looks at this thing, I feel like I can post stuff like this 😉


65 pounds down, 10 to go. And a POOCH to drop before Greece!

Ready, Set, Run!


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