Terrible twos

 Something just “clicked” about two weeks ago in G, and we entered the terrible two’s.  So, obviously this is hilarious to me right now:

{Funny Baby Ecard: They call it the 'Terrible Twos' because 'Fucking Awful' doesn't start with a T. }

Okay, back to the real stuff. ..  I just keep getting sidelined with these lately. I know that I’ve seen stuff like this before, but since I am really struggling with the 6 am wake-ups and the subsequent tantrums every 15 minutes that involve throwing, hitting, and screaming {sometimes G gets  upset, too.} {Just kidding} {kinda} they’re really hitting home. I feel like I am just irritated all day, every day. I’ll try to “reset” for both of us by coming up with something new to do, but nothing seems to work. Which, in turn, makes me more irritated.  Layer some guilt on there for feeling like a beeyotch, and you have my current mental status in a nutshell.


One thought on “Terrible twos

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