Grayson’s Second Birthday

We’re keeping it simple this year. If, by simple, you mean semi-designing the invitations, making a GIANT felt monster,  and photobooth props 😉 Since Ryan’s parents will be in town the second week of July for our wedding, I decided to do my usual madness, and squeeze G’s birthday party into our wedding weekend. {WTH is wrong with me?!?}

So…here’s the plan for food:

{I know they aren’t Paleo. I don’t really care}

Goldfish. They’re like toddler crack, and are super easy.

Fruit Skewers

ALCOHOL {There’s going to be 6 kids under 4 running around in my house. Better double what I was thinking!}

Monster cakes made by the FABULOUS Brittany May. She made G’s cakes last year and they were SO good!


Photobooth {Clearly}

Pin the eye on the Monster

Monster’s Inc. on the TV {Don’t judge me}

I may turn the sprinkler on, just for kicks

And, because it is obviously important…I’m going to have to do this:


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