Table Scapes

Toasting Table at the Gallery:

I actually have a table that is just like this, but with gold feet! Topped with a bottle of glittery champagne, 6 art deco flutes for our parents and Sarah, and our pretty hammered flutes for Ryan and I. Clear glass champagne bucket, which I *think* I might have, and maybe a small bouquet in mercury glass to tie in the pewter with all of the gold?

Toasting Table

Sweetheart Table at Blind Bear:

Thank goodness for my sweet sister taking over this sequin tablecloth monster. I wanted one to go all the way to the floor, but the ones we were able to find for rental were 80″ squares, which would leave me showing some {table} leg. So, we’re buying the fabric and then I’m going to turn them into curtains. Score! Topped with a messy/glittery cake from Yolo Bakes, a little champagne , and a small ranunculus bouquet in a clear glass vase. Or maybe I should just plunk my bouquet in there?

Sweetheart Table

After this, I plan to dive face first into a plate of Nachos.

Just kidding.

Not really.


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