Take my hand, take my whole life too

Ryan is on day 29 {not that he’s counting} of straight days at work, and doesn’t have a day off until he leaves for Canada on Friday. Toss in a trip to Texas with Grayson 3 weeks before our wedding and I . Am. FRIED.

I only wish I’d read this while we were out of town. I need these reminders that G is still new at being a person, and needs more patience and understanding then I seem to posess.

The Other Side of the Moon


Dear Mama,

I’m sorry that I threw your phone in the garbage.  And screamed in Target because you wouldn’t let me shoplift goldfish crackers.  Oh, and for eating my boogers at dinner and for having a meltdown because you buttered the wrong side of my waffle yesterday morning.

It’s hard being two.  The world is big and I’m becoming more aware of myself everyday.  There are so many things to learn.  No one here speaks my language, and you are forcing me to learn yours.  I don’t have a volume button, and I don’t have words for everything I want, need, or feel.  People see that I am not a tiny baby anymore, but they forget that I am still pretty new in the world and have a hard time remembering when I’m ‘sposed to “behave”.

I get tired easily.  I get hungry often.  Those things make me cranky.  Daddy…

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