Oh, man.

I’m a project person. I have a love/ hate  relationship with that post of  myself because it brings it that manic, frenetic, crazy lady part of me that I despise, and it brings out that manic, frenetic, creative part of me that I love to tap into. Now that the epic stressball weekend (which I’ll post about later) is over, I need a new challenge…I’m thinking some sort of pre-Greece fitness goal so I can wallow in feta and baklava without guilt, a small house project (pressure washing and painting the exterior?){I just read that and literally snorted at myself!} , and something to improve my inner self.

Anyway…I think this is a good place to start.

I’m a complainer. I absolutely consider it to be in my top 5 flaws, and I catch myself doing it all the time.  Needs. To. Stop. Seriously…



Dear G: “Howdy, Howdy”

In the midst of all of my {self induced} pre-wedding/birthday weekend craziness, you brought me back down. You took me by the hand, pointed to the dimmer switch, and pulled me toward a little fort that you made behind your crib, complete with two blankies and Woody. A few minutes of contorting later, we settled into the 3 square foot area for some quiet time. I WISH I had a video of you tucking me in, pulling the blanket up over my eyes, placing Woody on my chest with a “Howdy,Howdy” , and then contentedly closing your eyes for the next 27 seconds.