Dear G: Sleep


We took the side of your crib off last week, after putting off converting it for entirely too long.

I think we both miss it.

I am longing for the days when I could put you down at 7:45 and could expect a wake-up about  11 hours later. You’re longing for something to cuddle up against. We’ve spent the last week in a cranky haze, splitting our time between the couch, reading nook, the floor (me), and your crib. Up at 6, and down at 9:30 does not a happy two year old, or happy momma make. So, we’re cosleeping. I just moved you from your spot on my chest to the empty spot next to me, and although you’re fast asleep, I keep feeling your warm little toes checking to make sure I’m still there.

I like it.


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