Grayson’s Monster Birthday Bash! {The SetUp}

I’m still finding googly-eyes. Everywhere.


July 2013

Fullscreen capture 7262013 124130 AM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 7262013 124147 AM.bmp

If you’ve ever been to a party thrown at my house, you know I love tissue poufs 🙂 I seriously had 60 left over after last year’s birthday/babyshower extravaganza weekend! I cheated on these and used foam eyes and horns that were in a craft kit from Dollar Tree.

Fullscreen capture 7262013 124047 AM.bmp

I made these googly-eyed sandals about 10 minutes before the party! A little hotglue made them last through the party, without damaging my sandals.

July 20131

Since this party had to be super budget-friendly, I painted three 6-foot monsters on Kraft paper for the boys to use as water-fun targets. It kept them busy for HOURS, was prety much free, and the kids were kept nice and cool in the July heat

July 20132


Since we had G’s birthday party less than 48 hours after our wedding, I decided to keep it simple…Toddler-style!

Toddlers like: 
Goldfish {Or Monster’s University themed Cheezits. Score!}
Movies {Monster’s Inc. is Grayson’s new cure-all. Sad? Turn on MI! Rambunctious? Turn on MI! Mom is losing her mind? Pour some wine and turn on MI!}

Done and done

Of course, we threw in

Beer (for the dads)

A Photobooth (for the moms)

Water guns (mostly for the dads)

Add in 24 AHHHMAAZING cupcakes by Brittany May, and a grand time was had by all!


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