Teepee Love



Making this teepee was one of the first projects I took on when we bought our house in January, and I’m so glad! It’s such a cheerful little resting place, just small enough for a little guy,his momma, and a book. {Or, on occasion, a momma with a glass of wine and a magazine}. It’s cozy and intimate… a little getaway, right in the corner of our living room.

Anything that takes one night, a buncha patterns, and a drill makes my heart go pitty-pat, and this project didn’t disappoint. It’s in need of a little TLC right now, but has held up *really* well to the wear and tear of a rambunctious 2-year-old. The fact that it cost under $25 to make, and makes all of our friends super jealous { I mean, who doesn’t want a teepee in their living room?} makes me even more happy.

I {loosely, of course} followed this tutorial from one of my favorite blogs, The Handmade Home. She used hot-glue, and I used staples. Mostly because I couldn’t find the hot-glue-gun that night 🙂


{Funnily enough, it doesn’t look anything like this. This was just a mock-up before I did any gluing, drilling, or cutting!}

I only have one as-I-went picture because I’m not a very good blogger, but I’ll leave you with this adorable post-construction picture  🙂



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