My $1.08 Wall Sconce Revamp

When we bought our house in January, it was chock-full of HORRIBLE lighting. Think ceiling fans in every room of the house {including the kitchen}. We splurged on a Moravian Star Pendant for the front porch, and this ahhhmazing drum pendant for the Master bedroom from World’s Away, so that kinda ate up the whole lighting-replacement-fund.

Ha! Like there was a lighting replacement fund…. Sorry, Ryan!

Anyway, back to the horrible lighting. We have two sconces in the dining room that the previous owners apparently thought had “Craftsman Charm”, but kind of look like they belong outside. Since there are zero dollars left for lighting replacement, I stole a dollar from Grayson to revamp them.

Not really,

But seriously…The kid has more money than us in his piggy bank right now

So, here’s where we started:


First try in January.


The gold and white looks FAB when the lights are off, but give off a dingy “someone-smoked-in-this-house-since-1972-yellow” tone when they’re switched on. No dice.

Today’s Update:



The new watercolor-esque shades give off the most *gorgeous* pinky glow, and were super easy to make!  All you need is an ugly wall sconce, a sturdy vinyl plastic place mat from Target {you know….the ones you always walk by and think “Cute, but who in the heck uses plastic place mats?”} {both the pink and gold were made from these!}, and staples. Roll the place mat into a cylinder big enough to fit around the original shade {so you don’t get burnt plastic}, staple at the top and bottom, and… Voila!

Instant, under a dollar redo.


{I caught these on clearance for .54 each!}


This mantle redo actually spurred the new sconces:

Moving the giant painting to the dining room made such an amazing impact in both rooms.  It opened up the entry and grounded the dining room. Love it!

DSC_1031 DSC_1035


2 thoughts on “My $1.08 Wall Sconce Revamp

  1. We just bought our first home as well and we are in the same situation with the lighting. They left behind outdoor ugly wall sconces in all three bedrooms and I have been looking forever for ideas that are cheap. I love your idea and am def going to try it out. Thank you!

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