So, it finally seems like my #NeverEndingTileProject might actually be drawing to a close…3 months later.


I guess that’s what I get for starting a project right before our wedding, Grayson’s birthday, and our honeymoon. Funnily enough, Ryan said he can’t tell the difference now that it’s grouted since I used a dark grout with the subway tiles, and has been pondering the “whole point” of grout all day. This is the reason I handle most of the projects around our house 🙂

Of course, as soon as I mixed the grout and was waiting the required 10 minutes before the second stir, I hopped over to Pinterest and saw this loveliness from Pretty Handy Girl. Which makes me want to take the tile further up the wall;  thus extending this undertaking indefinitely. It’s a sickness, really.


I’m going to live with it in the current state for a few weeks and see what I think. But once I get these ideas, I usually can’t stop myself. I think I’ll paint the hallway in the meantime


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