Chocolate {yes chocolate!} Chili

Chocolate {yes chocolate!} Chili

Our first, official Paleo purchase was Melissa Joulwan’s cookbook, “Well Fed”. I really think that her straightforward style and easy-to-follow recipes helped me see that eating this way didn’t HAVE to be complicated, and could taste amazing.

So, I give you the link to the greatest chili ever.

I can’t describe it any other way than “grounded”. It’s savory, spicy, and hearty, but not overwhelmingly so in any category. The cocoa powder really gives it a nice base, and who doesn’t like to tell people that you’re eating CHOCOLATE CHILI?!   As you can see from my pictures, I substituted fresh tomatoes and homemade bone broth {because it was what I had on hand, not because I’m too cool for cans},  use WAY more cocoa, and a little less cumin {because I actually am cool and modify recipes like that}.


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