So. We moved. I was pretty pissed/depressed/ morose over the whole thing so I pretty much shut down for like 6 months. I ate my feelings and gained like 17 pounds (yay carbs!), and more or less moped around while pretending I wasn’t moping for the last 4.  I can tell I’m starting to get over it and settle into my normal groove because I’ve officially got too many projects going on. 

Luckily, we moved right smack dab into the center of the best part of the area we are in.  Central PA doesn’t really boast a whole lot of much, but deciding to live in downtown Williamsport was the best decision we made. (Albeit, much the chagrin and collective hand wringing of some of our friends/ family).

We are literally across the street from the ballet studio that G and I take classes at, mere steps from an AMAZING children’s wing at the JVBrown Library, 2 blocks from
Alabaster Coffee (I may have an unhealthy obsession with their packaging and branding), a quick walk to the GREATESTGROCERYSTOREONEARTH (
Wegman’s for life, yo), and a jot and tiddle from Brandon Park. Plus, you can see EVERYTHING from our rooftop.

Not that I’ve ever been up there 😉

Anyway. For moving to a place I was pretty sure was going to suck the very life out of me, it’s actually pretty darn cool. I’m still not 100% sold because it’s freaking cold here and I miss my mom… But otherwise, the last 2 months have made a huge difference in my overall outlook. So I owe myself a few snaps/ quick home tour for posterity before I completely rearrange with my newfound vigor.  Because it’s already kicking in. Case in point:



Of course I realized halfway into both of these projects that I needed an angled brush for cutting in and waaaaaay more staples, respectively. I also need an idea for a rental-friendly lighting upgrade in the bathroom. It’s killing me.



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