Midnight Thoughts

Why do I always give G the primo pillows when he doesn’t even use them? While he is blissfully {and horizontally} passed out sans pillow, I’m over here awake with a neck-ache, perched on the only remaining 3 inches of our king sized bed. 




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This is the first time I’ve been able to capture all of those little bits of G that I don’t want to forget. Those still soft cheeks, pillowy little lips, hands dirty from digging in the backyard, and toes roughed … Continue reading

Dear G: “Howdy, Howdy”

In the midst of all of my {self induced} pre-wedding/birthday weekend craziness, you brought me back down. You took me by the hand, pointed to the dimmer switch, and pulled me toward a little fort that you made behind your crib, complete with two blankies and Woody. A few minutes of contorting later, we settled into the 3 square foot area for some quiet time. I WISH I had a video of you tucking me in, pulling the blanket up over my eyes, placing Woody on my chest with a “Howdy,Howdy” , and then contentedly closing your eyes for the next 27 seconds.

Longest, Bestest Day Ever


Today we have:

Tasted fruit straight from the farm at the Memphis Farmer’s Market

Explored downtown Memphis with Uncle Will

Stomped down the Mississippi River at Mud Island

Frolicked in Tom Lee Park

Danced to music at Rock-N-Romp

Visited friends at the Overton Square Crawfish Festival

Stopped and smelled the flowers

Jumped off of EVERYTHING

Ridden the trolley

Devoured hot dogs from a street cart

And had an all-out-amazing day.


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Dear G,

Dear G,

I love the way you say “Bubbles!”, usually followed by “Yaaaay!!”.  I’m going to have to record it for you, because it might be the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.