Master Plan for the Master Bedroom

Ryan’s work schedule will be changing for a while, which means I get a chance to actually USE my bedroom!  Of course, this means that I’ll want to do/make/change something, so I figured I’d make a list of the things I like and don’t like, and a few ideas.

On another note, if I ever did open a studio, we would totally have to rearrange the house. The light in this room is incredible!

Things I like: 


My ruffly Cynthia Rowley throw pillows.

{Confession: I won’t allow them on the bed because I’m afraid they’ll actually get used. }



The light!!! Seriously. It’s such a sad sad shame that the shades and curtains seem to always be drawn. It’s such a beautiful room when they’re open! Curse you, night-shift!


This {ahem} FABULOUS piece of art. The texture and metallic sheen make me a little swoon-y. The fact{s} that it was free, easy, is huge, and I made it myself surprises me. I’m not the most artistic gal.


My dyed velvet chair and gold snakeskin lampshade make me SO happy.  Both were super easy projects!

{On a side note, I’m starting to realize that I pretty much made/upcycled everything in here!}

Things I want: headboard that looks like this. Or any headboard, really. I hate not having one!

{Ooh, look. The pillows match mine. That’s clearly a sign, right?}

A quartz mirror like this one.  Plus, anything else I see on the Hunted Interior. I’m obsessed with her blog.

I’ve already changed our louvered laundry doors because of her! They are SO much better now!

We’ll see if I can get/keep it clean long enough to actually pull off a project!


I hate my hallway.

Okay, maybe that was a teensy harsh. I like the cheery color of the walls, and the fab light at the landing. However, it’s bare. I don’t do bare. I also don’t do dirty-white, which my house seems to be covered in.

Ick x 50.

So, this is what I have: 15 narrow, super steep stairs to a converted attic {now our master bedroom}, with a boring bannister, and kick marks on the back. I love the idea of a painted runner, but I am kind of attached to the burled-wood-look on the steps. Plus, it’s 105 years old, and I feel like I’ll kick myself later for painting over it.



A few ideas that I’m currently pondering: 

Since our master suite (bed, bath, and mancave/giant closet) is completely separate from the rest of our house, the feeling is very different. I like my bedroom to be a retreat  so I always go a different direction.  Downstairs is very colorful and kid-friendly, and our upstairs is moody and dramatic, so I think the stairs need to be a transitional area . (My BPDD is shining through again!)

1. Pattern is my go-to. Pattern is cheap. Texture, not so much. However, I like the idea that the wallpaper covering could be removable. 
2. I’m REALLY loving the mirrored tile! It’s fun and playful, but also sleek.  However, it’s a pretty big commitment.
3.  I have a slight obsession with Chevron, but I feel like it’s getting stale and saturated in interior design.

Maybe I need to decide on what I’d like to do with the landing, first?

Thank GOODNESS for some warm weather. I’m finally trying to finish up all of the projects that have taken 17 times longer than they should have since it kept raining. I learned the hard way ( maybe more than twice) that oil based paint + rain = bad combo…

Anyway, I painted the exterior doors to the new house a glossy black, and am in love. I like how different it is from every other house on the block, while remaining crisp and clean.

I had a really hard time deciding between chartreuse and black for the door because I have BPDD (bipolar decorating disorder), and like things on the total opposite end of the spectrum. Ultimately, I’ve decided to keep my crazy contained to the backyard and interior of the house so that the neighbors can continue to think we’re normal {You know, because they clearly can’t see the nightly dance party and scoot and zoom derby through the 17 windows on the front of our house}


Before- except it wasn’t really this pretty! The snow makes everything look so much better. In person, it was dingy and gross…

Fullscreen capture 4112013 121954 AM.bmp

My super -awesome “after” shots. I think I’ll have to retry this another day.


I’m also on a dip-dyeing kick…so pretty much everything is getting dipped right now 🙂

The spring came suddenly, bursting upon the world as a child bursts into a room, with a laugh and a shout and hands full of flowers. 

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow




Picking our first strawberry




I’m so excited about G’s and my garden! I finally broke down and bought seedlings  because we had a few {toddler induced} mishaps that killed off everything but our cucumber babies. However, we seem to be EXCELLENT at starting cucumbers, and have about 25 seedlings.
Mom-you still need some?

Hopefully we’ll have the same luck as they grow larger!


My OCD attempt at layout


My sweet “helpers” that *just happened* to make it for a photo-op before conveniently disappearing….


Our final layout, thanks to Thank GOODNESS for it’s help, because my layout was apparently all kinds of wrong. Who knew that alphabetizing wasn’t the most efficient way to garden?


I’m quite certain my neighbors think I’m crazy. If I didn’t know me, I probably would, too I am;  so I can’t exactly blame them. I’ve been experimenting with a few ideas for something to zhush up the weird space between our front door and living room window on our porch and I *may* have been caught drawing on our bricks with sidewalk chalk. I can’t wait to blow their minds when I start painting moss on the house later this week!

I tried placing the address horizontally on the larger area, but I couldn’t seem to get the spacing right, and it just didn’t have the right feel . I’ve settled on a large, scrolling “M” , and a vertical placement of our address in the corner. I think I’m going to love it!


Am I the only person that feels guilty for killing off the little plants that make their way up through the cracks in the concrete?  They’re just that little bit of green happiness, right smack dab in the middle of where they aren’t supposed to be. Just the way I like it…Image

However, I realize that allowing them to grow and ruin the sidewalks and driveway is not particularly practical, so I think I’ve found my solution. I’m going to let them continue to break up the gray in my backyard ( I hate that driveway, anyway!), and start patching the holes in the front with sidewalk mosaics, like this one.

I just love the little things I find near our neighborhood that are so uniquely “midtown”.   I just happen to have a source of broken things (Thanks, G!) that will keep me supplied for at least the next 17 years.