I love seeing Grayson’s  “work” mimicking mine and Ryan’s.  It just reminds me that the things we do don’t always go unnoticed by the little people around us. When he was done making his “dinner” I was brought each dish … Continue reading

Master Plan for the Master Bedroom

Ryan’s work schedule will be changing for a while, which means I get a chance to actually USE my bedroom!  Of course, this means that I’ll want to do/make/change something, so I figured I’d make a list of the things I like and don’t like, and a few ideas.

On another note, if I ever did open a studio, we would totally have to rearrange the house. The light in this room is incredible!

Things I like: 


My ruffly Cynthia Rowley throw pillows.

{Confession: I won’t allow them on the bed because I’m afraid they’ll actually get used. }



The light!!! Seriously. It’s such a sad sad shame that the shades and curtains seem to always be drawn. It’s such a beautiful room when they’re open! Curse you, night-shift!


This {ahem} FABULOUS piece of art. The texture and metallic sheen make me a little swoon-y. The fact{s} that it was free, easy, is huge, and I made it myself surprises me. I’m not the most artistic gal.


My dyed velvet chair and gold snakeskin lampshade make me SO happy.  Both were super easy projects!

{On a side note, I’m starting to realize that I pretty much made/upcycled everything in here!}

Things I want: headboard that looks like this. Or any headboard, really. I hate not having one!

{Ooh, look. The pillows match mine. That’s clearly a sign, right?}

A quartz mirror like this one.  Plus, anything else I see on the Hunted Interior. I’m obsessed with her blog.

I’ve already changed our louvered laundry doors because of her! They are SO much better now!

We’ll see if I can get/keep it clean long enough to actually pull off a project!

Paleo-ish Ginger Chicken Salad with Lemon Mint Salad Dressing

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I love listing all of the ingredients in a recipe’s name. It sounds so fancy 😉 I found this ahhhhhmazing  oil on clearance at our grocery store today. After I whipped up this dressing, I googled to find out whether … Continue reading